So I finished VEDA. I managed to only miss one day, and since that was due to my computer being an old lady I feel like that's pretty dang good.
I actually ended up enjoying vlogging quite a bit.  It took some getting used to, talking to a camera every day, especially on those occasions when I could not find a time to do so when nobody was home so I had to just deal with sounding like a repetitive, slightly narcissistic crazy person to my roommates. But I always love that feeling of discovering some new way of creating things that I've never tried before, especially when you find out that you're actually not completely terrible at it.  I know my videos aren't exactly youtube masterpieces, but I've definitely seen a lot worse out there, and people have told me they've enjoyed them, so I call it a success.
So I'm going to continue to make videos, probably 2-4 times a month.  A lot of vloggers give themselves a certain day to make videos on but I think I'm just going to make them when I feel like I have something to talk about, and give myself more flexibility for the times when my life is boring or I'm too busy.
Here's a link to the entire playlist of my vlog: clicky click
I appreciate any and all comments on the videos.  Thanks guys!